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Dear Friends,

October is an important month for all those affected by breast cancer
and the millions who love them. 

From football players to flight attendants, people are wearing pink to continue to raise awareness and support
and bring fighting this disease to the forefront of our minds and hearts. 

I am always inspired by the bravery, faith, and HOPE so many of you demonstrate in your own battle with breast cancer.  

I wrote the sketch "Stepping Into The Ring" in 2001 (yes, 13 years ago!).  I have marveled at the way it still seems relevant in 2014! 
It remains one of the most requested sketches I've written.  
I believe this must be because each one of us, whatever our battle, must fight despair and hold onto HOPE.

I've put all the Stepping Into the Ring products on sale this month, and will donate $1 per order to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. 
My desire is that these items will be a source of encouragement and HOPE for you and those you love who have to "step into the ring."

With HOPE,